Friday, December 14, 2012

The World Today

I struggle with the hate I see in the world today. While the internet can be a wonderful thing, it can also be a source of hate. 50 years ago you would have to research to find someone was talking behind your back. Nowadays, people feel invincible to say whatever they want. There is no time to think when your thoughts and opinions are sent out into the web-universe at the touch of a button. The fact is, a computer and some miles in between you and another person do not make your actions acceptable. Just because you are not saying something to someones face does not mean that it hurts any less. It drives me crazy to see so many opinions thrown out without being thought through. There are SO MANY posts on social media feeds that bash others views down. We are never ALL going to agree on everything the same way. Even people in the same religion have different views on certain issues. So what is the point in having a mega death rounds online when views will not change? I am all for freedom of speech and having a right to your own views and opinions. However, why spread them in a way you have to offend others? Why can't we all treat each other with respect? Just because one person likes conflict does not mean the person you are attacking does. What might be normal banter to you can make another person uncomfortable. The USA is still in a recession and people are still hurting. This nation is undergoing changes and challenges that it never has before. Now is a time for standing together, loving one another regardless of your differences. United we stand but divided we fall. This is a new day and age of internet, social media and everything being at the touch of a button. It's dangerous but we as human beings have a choice to make it for better or worse. I choose for the better. If anything, my only plea is for people to think before they post. Once it's out in the open, you can't go back and your words may be the straw that breaks the camels back for another person. Stop the hate, spread understanding and compassion.

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